Ex-NSA Guys’ Startup To Protect You From NSA


Virtu, a Washington D.C. startup, raises $6 million in new capital. The company is building an encryption product that will work with email platforms, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Which is great except that the founders are ex-NSA guys who used to be paid to do things like collect emails and phone call information from hundreds of millions of terrorist suspects Americans.

The kind of stuff that this new product is designed foil.

It’s like hiring Darth Vader to build planetary defense systems to thwart the Death Star.

Except the analogy doesn’t quite work. Vader switched to the light side because of his love for his son. These guys are just doing it for the money.


One thought on “Ex-NSA Guys’ Startup To Protect You From NSA

  1. It will be more like hiring Jawa’s to install a security system for your droid’s storage.

    Or hiring bounty hunters to capture…oh, you get it!

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