MTailor: The Perfectly Tailored Man’s Shirt

mtailorMTailor, one of our recent investments at CrunchFund, is a really amazing company.

They make tailored shirts for men, except your mobile device is the tailor. You go through a quick scanning process that involves leaning your phone or tablet against a wall and then spinning slowly in front of it. Once that’s done MTailor has your measurements, which they say are 20% better than actual tailors they used for a study.

I’ve never owned tailored shirts but I should have. I have a longer body than average and generally buy tall shirts when I can find them. That’s been harder with dress shirts over the years, and I generally just make do with what I can find. With MTailor though, it’s not an issue.

Once you have your measurements you can choose the type of shirt you want (collar, cuff, cut) and the fabric. I’ve now bought five of them (I couldn’t resist the recently added “Blue and Bronze Paisley”), and will order more soon. The great thing is that you only have to measure the first time, after that you just order the shirts you want.

The return policy is awesome. If you don’t like something about the shirt they’ll redo it for you for free. And if you’re still not happy they’ll refund your money (and you can keep the shirt). Based on my experience, though, you’ll be very happy the first time.

Get $20 off by using the code sdjoydlq. It also makes a great holiday gift.

4 thoughts on “MTailor: The Perfectly Tailored Man’s Shirt

  1. IOS only? Really? Why? I was clicking to buy, but my Galaxy S5 will not be so equipped…

  2. How did you find the fabric? It was hard to really get a sense of the texture (scale + angle would be helpful) from the images in the app.

    • Michael Arrington says:

      So far I’ve bought dress shirts, the fabric is equivalent to the Nordstrom’s shirts I bought previously. I’m not an expert though. The 20% better metric, from what I remember, is from a group of people that they tested during Y Combinator. They measured everyone using their app, and brought in tailors, and found that the tailors tended to vary widely in their measurements for the same person. MTailor also takes many more points of measurement. Bottom line, the shirts are fantastic.

  3. anemitz says:

    How did you like the fabric? It was hard to get a feel for the textures due to the lack of angle / scale in the fabric sample shots. I’m also very curious to know what tailors they sampled and how they came to the “20% better” metric.

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