Regarding Alexia’s Mind

Alexia Tsotsis, the editor of TechCrunch, interviewed Peter Thiel yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt. Pando editor Paul Carr has this to say:


Alexia is the editor of TechCrunch. And that means she’s a competitor to the sites that regularly call out sexism, subtle or overt, that pops up in our industry. So she goes without defense.

Not only does she go without defense from her peers in the industry, it’s actually one of her peers calling her stupid.

Which is fine, she’s very tough. But if you see her today, let her know how much you respect her. She won’t show it, but comments like these might even be somewhat more ego-shattering than that time Jessica Livingston had someone hit on her at a bar.

And for Paul – if he takes a moment to think about it – he might even agree that some comments should be out of bounds.

2 thoughts on “Regarding Alexia’s Mind

  1. Paul Carr says:

    Mike, I’ll ask you this as politely as I possibly can: Do you seriously believe that my criticism of Alexia’s appropriateness to conduct interviews on stage at Disrupt has anything whatsoever to do with her gender?

    I understand you’re being paid a small fortune to return to Disrupt, and stoke fights (yesterday was the entirety of Founders Fund, today apparently it’s me), but the treatment of women in tech is too serious a subject to use for trolling.

    Before I respond any further, then, is sexism (either intentional or subconscious) seriously what you’re accusing me of here?

    (Also: I’ll disclose this, because you haven’t: Mike is an investor in Pando, and was fired from the company’s board a couple of years ago.)

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