The Data Center Is Broken, And Mesosphere Fixed It

mesosphere2“The data center is broken, and we fixed it, like Google. Developers will never have to worry about scaling issues again.”

That’s a strong statement from Mesosphere CEO Florian Leibert.

At CrunchFund, we believed it and invested last year. And we’re very happy to see Andreessen Horowitz lead a new round (along with Data Collective and Fuel Capital) of $10.5 million today.

Mesosphere isn’t some hot new messaging app, but they do make it possible for that app to scale. As Cloudera is to Hadoop, Mesosphere is to the open source Mesos cluster manager.

To some including us, that’s just as sexy as that app. Or even more so.

In short, it’s the operating system for data centers. It lets you combine your severs into one, big computer. And it’s credited for fixing Twitter – Mesos manages some 50,000 cores at Twitter, in fact.

“Mesosphere brings Google-scale compute to everybody,” says former Twitter Chief Scientist Abdur Chowdhury.

Mesosphere provides the packaging and tools needed by companies without Twitter’s resources but who want the same ease of scaling. And those companies are starting to migrate to Mesos and Mesophere more and more frequently.

Airbnb, Twitter, Hubspot, URX, ebay, Groupon and others using Mesophere are just the beginning. We are very excited about where this company is going.

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